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Upcoming FFF Events in Wisconsin

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Demonstration in Milwaukee on Friday Apr 8, 2022

Wisconsin Ave & Water St
At 12.00-13.00 (noon to 1pm)
Contact(s): (350mke (at) gmail (point) com)

In about 20 Wisconsin cities, at noon or 5pm, 8-straight weeks (3/4 - 4/22) in Racine on Friday Apr 8, 2022

Different Locations. Details can be found here: [URL removed]
Noon - 1pm and 5pm - 6pm CT
Contact(s): (BuildingUnityWi (at) gmail (point) com)

Strike in Superior on Friday Apr 8, 2022

Osage Trail Superior WI
Contact(s): (nlmcoalition (at) gmail (point) com)