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Upcoming build-the-squad-host-a-phone-bank Events in Kentucky

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Phonebank in Lexington on Tuesday Feb 22, 2022

6pm - 8pm EST
Contact(s): Sunrise Movement (team (at) sunrisemovement (point) org)

In 2020, Texas progressive champ Jessica Cisneros nearly defeated Henry Cuellar, Congress' most conservative "Democrat." Our movement was proud to support her then, helping bring her just ~2000 votes from victory. Now she's back to finish what she started and we couldn't be more excited to seal the deal together!

Calling voters in TX28 and telling them about Jessica's powerful campaign is how we're going to win this race. So let's do it! Whether it's your first time ever phone banking or you're a phone banking expert, this is for you. We'll have a training for first time callers at the start of every phone bank. It's time for a Green New Deal champion in Texas - let's do this y'all!