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Recommended Reading

The following articles and websites describe the significant flaws which plague the modern web, and provide the basis for the library's mission.

Software Freedom

(What software freedom is- a good introduction to the idea and its importance if you haven't encountered it) (HTTP)
The WWWorst App Store (HTTP)


Software Freedom isn't about Licenses, it's about Power (Gemini)
(same article over HTTP/S)
The JavaScript Trap (HTTP)
Who is Afraid of Spectre & Meltdown?
Kill JS

Software as a Service Substitute

Network Services aren't Free or Non-Free
Who does that Server Really Serve?

Individual Control of the Browsing Experience

Gemini, Day 2 (Gemini)
Dark Patterns
Rich User Experience, UX and Desktopization of War
How the Web became Unreadable
You can't capture the nuance of my form fields

Technical Issues

Re-Inventing the Wheel
Reckless, Limitless Scope
Web Browsers Need to Stop